DIY Hand-Sewn Stuffy/DIY Character Toque/DIY Knitting

DIY Hand-Sewn Stuffy

Create a friend that is unique, fun to play with, and totally you! In this Designher Co. DIY Hand-Sewn Stuffy program, you will learn the skills for hand sewing and you will get to create your very own Stuffy. We will supply you with the materials and you will bring your creativity! In this 8-week program you will be creating 1 detailed Stuffy.


DIY Character Toque

In this Designher Co. program you will design and create your very own character toque. Learning life skills, like hand sewing, you will make a toque that is perfect for you! We will supply the materials, the fun, and some ideas to spark your imagination. This session you will create 1 totally awesome character toque!


DIY Knitting (beginner)

Get tangled up in our designer DIY Knitting class! Learn the knitting basics by mastering techniques such as knit, casting on, and casting off, and working towards small knitting projects. We will supply the yarn, the fun, plus a pair of knitting needles that you can keep for other crafty projects!